Women's Jackets

The same question every year: What’s the most fashionable jacket this season? Well, we’ve got good news. The current fashion trend is to have a multitude of trends coexisting in harmony, so that you can follow the trend you like the most and in any scenario, you’ll be on-trend.
Women’s jackets offer some of the most diverse options, from the most elegant blazers to more informal fleece jackets, it all depends on the occasions you want to use them in and on your own style. Let’s take a look at this season’s most popular ones so that you have a clear idea of your possibilities and can easily make your choice.
Let’s start with the women’s jacket we consider the most basic of all: leather or faux leather biker jacket. This item is an absolute must-have for your collection. It doesn’t go out of style, it’s suitable for a wide range of occasions and it goes with practically everything. How can you resist its charms? Whenever you have doubts about what to wear, your biker jacket will be there to solve all your problems.
Another safe bet is the denim jacket, an all-purpose item that’ll be with you until the end of the world. It’s so versatile and always looks great. You can pair it with a dress, a skirt, trousers, a jumpsuit... Whatever you like! You could even wear jeans on your bottom half, because double denim is also very much in fashion. If you want to wear it when the colder months arrive, get today’s fashionable jacket: with faux shearling on the inside. Pair it with absolutely anything, it’s so comfy and you’ll be warmer than everyone. You can’t go wrong!
The bomber jacket is another star in women’s jackets this year. This garment has achieved absolute prominence in women’s wardrobes over the last few seasons. It has been reinvented to move away from its military origins and accompany the most girly looks. The key lies in the quality of the material: satin, glitter, embroidery and all types of prints have all been the reason we’ve fallen in love with this women’s jacket.
Of course, there is no wardrobe that prides itself without its own jacket or blazer. Having this item in your wardrobe is your ticket to success: when you need to rustle up a formal look, it’ll be there. Your blazer will turn any outfit into a smart look. An outfit as simple as some jeans and a basic white T-shirt with a slogan can be the perfect choice if you pair it with a blazer.
For more casual occasions, we recommend going for a puffer, a pouch pocket jacket or a fleece jacket. Its comfort will be your best ally.
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