Men's shoes

Men's shoes have a particular magnetism about them, making us want more pairs than we probably need. But we already know that, and we still can't resist them. We like them. We like to wear them with the right clothes, and we like people to pay attention to our feet. And maybe some of us would even put aside a certain amount of our salaries for shoes. You know, a monthly budget for keeping up to date with the hottest footwear trends? Are you one of those people?
Fortunately with the Pull&Bear collection of shoes for men you'll no longer have to invest ridiculous amounts to buy your favourites, because what we have available for you is fashion that you love, at prices that you want.
In our selection of trainers you will find all the different styles, from the most classic models in basic colours, to the latest trends in urban trainers, where the mix of colours will really make you stand out. If you like more of a formal style, wear your white trainers with a contrasting detail in another colour; if you're more of a risk taker, go for a pair of chunky trainers and rock that street style.
If you're thinking about getting some boots and you're not quite sure which ones, we just have one piece of advice: now is the time to do it. This type of men's footwear is undoubtedly one of the most popular options during the cold and rainy seasons. They bring so much character and style to your outfit, so don't think twice about it and go and grab yourself a pair. But we're warning you now: the hard bit is choosing which ones. Some military style boots? Or worker? Perhaps a pair of mountain boots? Or do you prefer the faux leather style, or the sporty look? It's up to you!
You can also set yourself up for the warmer weather with our cool plimsolls and wide range of sandals and Havaianas. Have you seen all the colours that we have? You could get a pair for each style of swimming trunks you have. Sounds good, doesn't it?
So put your best foot forward and check out our online selection of modern shoes for men and give a fresh new look to your outfits. What image do you want to give off? What style goes best with the way you dress? What type of shoe is the most comfortable for you? And the easiest to put on? You can't go wrong with the huge variety of options we have in our collection. Your ideal shoe is waiting for you!
Men's shoes have become more accessible thanks to the wide choice we have for you online at Pull&Bear. Have you seen them yet? We must warn you that there is a risk you might get hooked... but go ahead and have fun looking! see more See less