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If we mention tie-dye, the first thing that probably springs to your mind is a whole world of colourful spirals, flared trousers, crochet tops, long fringes, headbands, round sunglasses and messages of peace and love. That’s normal, your brain is associating it with the community who made it fashionable back in the ‘70s: the hippie movement. Born in the United States, the hippie movement made tie-dye a symbol of their identity, making it recognisable the world over.

The origins of tie-dye clothing

Although the hippies made tie-dye fashionable, the roots of what we call “tie-dye” go back way further. Some have traced it back to ancient Japan, where they used fabric dying techniques that produced a similar effect. Some records also trace it back as far as pre-Columbian societies in Peru or Africa. In any case, tie-dye’s popularity rose with the hippie movement and it’s thanks to them that the tie-dye trend still makes a comeback every once in a while. The ‘90s embraced this dying technique, and now we have recovered it once again to create some very colourful looks.

Tie-dye on any type of garment and at any time of year

Psychedelic tie-dye prints can bring a splash of colour to all sorts of garments: T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, bags, caps and hats, swimsuits and bikinis... Even hair accessories! So if you’re a fan of this colourful trend, don’t worry, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Moreover, tie-dye is a genderless print that has its place in women’s and men’s fashion alike.
Although it’s a style that you can wear all year round, it does suit warmer temperatures very well, which is why it’s so commonplace on beach and pool accessories: Swimsuits and bikinis, towels, sarongs, headscarves, etc. When the sun comes out, tie-dye clothing becomes one of our favourite looks. This is probably partly because tie-dye is a very flattering print for that time of year, because the bursts of colour -which are generally a mix of white and blues, pinks, greens, yellows, oranges, etc.- naturally complement your tan.
When you choose a tie-dye garment, combine it with other neutral colours. White, black and denim go best with tie-dye, because they let the colours take centre stage and they can bring balance to the look.
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