Women’s pinafore dresses

If, much like us, you’re a big fan of pinafore dresses, you simply have to check out the selection of designs Pull&Bear has to offer.
Pinafore dresses have typically been an identity marker for the younger female public and a way to portray a fun, casual style. What girl hasn’t owned a pinafore dress that she considered her favourite item of clothing? However, what used to be a trend confined to the realm of little girls has now reinvented itself and made us fall in love all over again. New fashion trends have opted to give the all-rounder we so cherished in our childhood a second lease of life. Women’s pinafore dresses are now trendier than ever, so you won’t want the season to go by without getting your hands on one.
Its functional yet versatile design hasn’t gone unnoticed on the high street, where it is becoming ever more common to spot girls of all styles rocking their pinafores. This garment is not only making an appearance in our daily lives—it girls and celebrities are plastered all over social media wearing outfits that feature the pinafore as the star piece.
The democratisation of modern fashion means that every woman can express her own personality through her style and the clothes she wears , allowing us to feel at ease with our appearance and giving us the freedom to choose what we like most.
If you too are a fan of this kind of feminine dress , here are some different looks to convince you that a pinafore dress is a fantastic choice whatever the season.
When it comes to a typical day at the office during the coldest time of the year, opt for a check pinafore dress in shades of black, white and grey. Pair it with a black turtleneck. Wear some tights with medium or high thickness and a pair of low-cut black ankle boots . Last but not least, grab a boldly coloured jacket and a black maxi bag. Add a special touch to your look with a pair of mini gold hoops. Spot on and elegant for your nine-to-five!
Summer is the perfect time to parade your pinafore. Go for one in denim and team it with a crochet top that doesn’t quite reach the armholes on your dress. Wear some platform sandals or trainers with a chunky sole. Cap the look off with a pair of geometric sunnies and you’re set to live it up at the summer festivals!
Oh, and how could we forget that awkward in-between season! Women’s pinafore dresses work their magic whatever the season. This time around we recommend you go for colourful options. Embracelight and lively tones during spring and leave the darker tones for autumn. Around this time of year all you need is a long-sleeve T-shirt under your dungarees and some tights with medium thickness. Slip on a pair of flat shoes or some low-cut ankle boots and jazz up your locks with a colourful bow. Cover up with a bomber jacket—You’ll look stunning day in, day out!
As many options as you can think of. Make sure to snap up yours this season! see more