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Basic clothing for men

There are garments that never go out of fashion, no matter what season or time of year we are in, they are perfect 365 days a year. That's exactly what happens with basic clothing for man. The collection is characterised by being simple, comfortable and by showing off neutral and plain colours, such as navy blue, tones of grey or beige, and many others.

Basic essentials for men

It isn’t hard to get obsessed with what to wear to be fashionable and how to pair clothes to feel good about yourself, while also being authentic compared to others.
We only have to open our wardrobe and have a look at those clothes that, although sometimes they seem too simple, are actually perfect for a sophisticated style. It's as easy as going for something natural and for an outfit that shows off with how we dress and how we are. But what essentials should a man have in his wardrobe, no matter what?
It has been many years since the release of Rebel Without a Cause, a film where a very young James Dean showed off his best qualities in just a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. He didn't need anything else, showing society that simplicity can also translate into success. Since then, these clothes have become a real must among men’s basics.
Knit sweaters must also have their place of honour in the wardrobe, no matter what colour we choose, be it grey, black or navy blue, because neutral tones go with everything. As well as the colour, it is important to think about the neckline. It can be V-neck, round neck or high-neck. Pair them with some chinos and you'll have a classic, elegant but unpretentious look.
On the other hand, sweatshirts are another garment that you can't go without from the basic clothing collection, they can save an outfit at any time with a casual and sporty touch. You can pair them so easily and you can play with different styles, hoodies, without hoods or open.
Basic trainers are a must among footwear options. It doesn't matter if you have a meeting or if you feel like going to the shopping centre for a fun afternoon, it all depends on how you pair them; with a basic T-shirt, a sweater, a blazer... Who doesn't like white trainers with a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt?
It's interesting how with a few neutral-coloured basic clothes, we can create a multitude of outfits, having a completely different look for each day of the week.
Don't forget that accessories can make the difference between one style or another. So express yourself as you are and opt for a necklace, cap or watch that expresses your personality.
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