Yet again, September is just around the corner, and it brings a few things we like, and a few we don’t. We’re finally experiencing ideal temperatures after the hottest summer months; at this time of year, the days are still long and full of sunshine and the nights take on a sort of magical atmosphere. Of course what you’re least looking forward to is the end of your holidays, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing! If you’ve been feeling a bit down lately when faced with going back to your normal routine, try looking at it from this perspective: The change also means updating your wardrobe!Now that idea would make anyone happy!

It’s even better when you can shop for clothes inspired by your favourite series.

Do it like they do in Sex Education, one of our favourite Netflix series: it’s a fresh start to the school year, and a fresh new season. Like all the kids at Moordale, you’re getting ready to meet up with your old classmates—and meet this year’s newbies who are just starting out—and you’re curious about all the new experiences and adventures coming your way . . . And if you don’t want to be caught off guard, you need to put together a killer wardrobe with enough in it to last you all season.
While watching Sex Education, you’ve surely picked up on the styles the kids in the series are wearing, which is a way for them to express themselves and project their individual personalities. Otis, for example, tends to go for simple outfits, with ‘90s-style bomber jackets with coloured panels, striped T-shirts, jeans and trainers; Eric, on the other hand, takes a bolder approach to fashion, always opting for lively, colourful looks. Printed shirts and T-shirts aren’t even the slightest bit intimidating for him, since he’s a genius at mixing and matching with a full colour palette.
As for the ladies’ side of the cast, do you see yourself more as a Maeve, an Ola or a Ruby? The Sex Education wardrobe has a little bit of everything, from Maeve’s punk rocker style—with her classic black biker jacket, dark-coloured and checked clothes, and army boots, to Ruby’s more refined and colourful clothing and the more casual style of Ola, a bona fide denim lover.
Since we know you love the fashion trends and the stories of all the Moordale characters, at Pull&Bear we’ve decided to cheer you up with our new Sex Education collection for the start of the school year. Have a look at our T-shirts, sweatshirts and all the other must-haves from our special Netflix capsule collection and find the look that suits you best. This year’s return to school is inspired by your favourite series! see more See less