Women’s cycling shorts

What we love most about fashion is its ability to amaze us, reinventing itself and bringing new life to trends that were once confined to a particular activity. That’s precisely what’s happening to cycling shorts, which are proving to be the indisputable star garment of the season.
To be fair, this trend first rose to popularity back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Back then, umpteen celebs and international actresses were spotted flaunting their cycling shorts and mid-thigh trousers. And here’s another one of fashion’s greatest attributes: old trends always come back around! Trends that were once at the peak of their popularity are brought back to get their share of the spotlight.
You only have to glance at social media to see how this garment is all the rage with influencers and It Girls. Cycling shorts are perfect for both daily looks and elegant occasions, which is why women across the world are incorporating them into their favourite outfits.
You might be struggling to combine yours if this trend is new to you, so we’ve rounded up some ideas that’ll make it a lot easier to create the perfect outfit featuring your cycling shorts as the centre piece. Take note!
When it comes to pairing your cycling shorts, wearing an oversized top piece is an excellent choice. That way you’ll balance out your figure by teaming it with some tight bottoms. Achieve a flawless outfit with a touch of formality by opting for a regular or oversized blazer and a plain basic T-shirt—this outfit will hit just the right note for meetings or work-related events. A long waistcoat is another super flattering option. Just add a pair of classic court shoes and a maxi bag.
If you’re going for something completely different, for instance a sporty look, pick shorts that feature some kind of print, like animal or military prints. Pair them with a plain, wide fit sweatshirt and some sports sandals or trainers—. You could even rock the print-on-print trend with a printed top… Are you bold enough?
Wide fit shirts with a masculine cut are yet another becoming option. Go for some shorts in a neutral tone, for example black, and a shirt with some kind of motif on the fabric. As for footwear, slip on some heels for a girly vibe. And off you go!
The best thing about denim is that it goes with anything and you’ll have absolutely no trouble coming up with ideas to style your outfits. Any option will be spot on.
So there you have it—cycling shorts aren’t just for athletes, they’re for everyone! see more See less