Knitwear for Women

One of the things we like most about winter is the vast number of combinations that the cold offers us. What fun to get our women's sweaters, jackets, coats and boots out of the wardrobe after the whole winter season sitting in the drawer! What a pleasure to be able to go out with your woman's cardigan on knowing the cold can’t touch you. Women's knit sweaters are top of the podium for your best options, not just for keeping warm but also for how comfy they’ll be.
This season extra-long cuts will play a special role in your repertoire. Oversize sweaters will become your favourite garment because you can wear them with all your outfits: with a skirt, with trousers, and even with a dress. Choose, for example, an all-white look with flared jeans (remember that they’ve made a huge comeback this year). For the top, a woman's knit V-neck sweater in oyster white accompanied by a white denim jacket. The fun comes from the accessories: animal print boots, a wide buckle belt and a tote bag. Because who says white isn’t for Winter?
Russet is also one of your best bets for when the thermometer records a drop. Go for a women's knit sweater in this shade and wear it with a black faux leather skirt and a pair of mid heel ankle boots in white. Complete the outfit with an oversize coat on your shoulders.
The women's cardigan has become one of the most comfortable and versatile garments for day-to-day looks, so we recommend you get one in a brown shade which will pair perfectly with most of your wardrobe. Grab some check print trousers and an oyster white basic T-shirt to wear under the cardigan with some brown faux suede ankle boots and you’ll have an impeccable outfit for going to work or uni.
Another idea: For the ideal Winter look, put on a long grey chunky knit cardigan with a black high neck sweater underneath, jeans and cowboy-style boots.
This year don’t miss out on finishing off your collection with Pull&Bear’s women’s knit sweaters, the most practical garment for Winter. see more See less