The best logo sweatshirts for men: sweatshirts with TV shows, bands, and more

There are so many films and series that have influenced us and represent something meaningful to us. Not simply because of the time we've spent watching them over and over again, but because of how they've impacted us and what we've learned from them. How many times have you dreamed of having superpowers like The Avengers to save the planet from being attacked by supervillains? How many hours of your childhood did you spend in front of the TV watching the adventures of Looney Tunes? And if we skip forward to more recent series... Who didn't experience the robbery of the Royal Mint in Money Heist as if they were one of the protagonists?
Well... now you're in luck! Because at Pull&Bear we know all about what these films and series mean to you. That's why we want to show you our new men's original sweatshirts, featuring all your favourite cartoons, series and films, from both your childhood and right now.
Of course we couldn't forget Naruto or Marvel! The Marvel universe was an important part of our childhood for many of us—some of our parents' best memories—and it continues to be now, because Marvel never goes out of fashion. At Pull&Bear we know that, which is why we wanted to pay homage to their superheroes with our men's Marvel sweatshirts, with exclusive designs. Choose the superheroes sweatshirt you like best!
In our merchandising section we also wanted to represent one of the most fun and expressive elements of the world we live in today. And what better way to do it than through the famous emoticons! You'll love our new men's sweatshirts from Smiley London, the most fun ones this season! What is your favourite emoji?

Bands and singers sweatshirts from Pull&Bear

It doesn't stop there! It's not only your all-time favourite series and films we've remembered to flatter. At Pull&Bear we don't miss a beat; that's why we couldn't leave out men's original licensed sweatshirts featuring the most iconic singers and the most influential bands of all time. The ones we've praised throughout the years, for their work, music, style... Are you more AC/DC or Ramones? Keep an eye on our website and especially on our collection, because you're in for a treat!
You can pair your favourite artist or band merchandised men's sweatshirt with some jeans and accessories that most fit your look. On the other hand, if you're more of a film buff, combine the Rocky Balboa sweatshirt with your favourite trainers and joggers. That way you'll give it your own personal style! Have a look through all of our new collection and show what you're really a fan of!
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