Men’s tracksuit and joggers

Despite the eternal debate on the use of men’s tracksuits for anything other than sporty styles, comfort is not incompatible with elegance. Fashion concepts evolve with new trends or make a comeback from past decades. A men’s tracksuit is comfy, daring and brave, suitable for a more confident look in this new era of fashion. And thanks to a change in perspective on combining outfits, the tracksuit has become one of the most influential pieces for young people.

Men’s tracksuit: what is it?

In today’s fashion world, each garment can express your style, so if you’re looking for the outfit that best adapts to you, you can find it in a men’s tracksuit. If you’ve already decided that the best garment for everyday wear is a tracksuit, you should understand the basics so you can combine them with the rest of your clothing. The different tracksuit models available for men are:
- Slim: known for being tailored to the body.
- Slouchy: the opposite of the slim model, as they are quite large and loose-fitting. This design is common in men’s short tracksuits.
- Regular fit: somewhere between slim and slouchy, as it has a rectangular leg and is not very tight.
Men’s tracksuits were originally designed for sports and had a traditional style, but their true essence lies in knowing how to combine them to create your own, modern styles. It is important to note that they should focus on highlight one part of the body, like the ankles or waist; depending on the type of men’s tracksuit this body part will be different. But the most important thing is that you have one in your wardrobe as it can save you for any event.

How to combine a men’s tracksuit?

The versatility of the men’s cotton tracksuit is that you can combine it with other styles. For example, one look would be to pair a formal jacket with tracksuit bottoms, combining elegance and urban style with quite a natural result. That’s why tracksuits have become a must-have for urban clothing.

Outfits for men’s tracksuits

Combining different styles with a men’s tracksuit is one of the most contemporary trends. It’s best if you understand how to pair it with other accessories such as footwear, glasses or your hair, so the following outfits for men’s tracksuits will save you time choosing.
- Winter casual: during colder months you can wear the trousers from a men’s winter tracksuit with a thin wool sweater. Comfortable footwear is the best idea, like a pair of flat trainers.
- Urban Autumn: a short sleeve T-shirt with fitted tracksuit bottoms cropped at the ankles is a fresh style for elegance and comfort. You can also wear a complete men’s short tracksuit.
- Urban rock: you can pair your leather jacket with a fitted tracksuit and high-top trainers. Although it might seem a strange combination, the result is incredible and daring.
- Classic: wearing a polo shirt with tracksuit bottoms will never go out of style. Opting for a classic, elegant style will always be a hit so this soft, lightweight outfit won’t fail you for any event.
- Elegant casual: a dress shirt is always sophisticated, and pairing it with a tracksuit and classic, thin sole trainers creates the perfect result for an elegant look.
- Urban bomber: this style refers to the most urban yet elegant jackets available today. A bomber jacket goes perfectly with tracksuit bottoms as it sits on the hip. This look is perfect with ankle boots or trainers.
A tracksuit really can offer endless options for combining with all your clothes. When you just can’t decide, don’t worry, try mixing other styles to create your very own.
In summary, in the world of fashion, one style can offer a great variety of outfits. This is true of men’s tracksuits: originally designed for sport, they have evolved to become one of the most versatile and elegant options for creating your own style. see more See less