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Lie down on your sofa, cuddled under a blanket, with a cup of hot coffee on the table; go out onto your balcony and watch the world go by on the street below; phone your grandparents so that they can tell you the stories you already know by heart but never ever get tired of hearing. Because sometimes, it’s worth relaxing, resting and enjoying things. And of course, to enjoy things properly, you need to wear comfortable men’s clothing that gives you total freedom of movement, so have a look at the homewear for men that we have to offer.

Homewear for men: comfortable clothes la carte

The philosopher’s stone of homewear for men is pyjamas, we can all agree on that. But at the same time, you will also agree that from time to time, you need to wear something different. Above all, changing out of your pyjamas into other clothes has a psychological effect: the night ends and the day begins.
The first garment that should be part of your home outfit are joggers. Let's face it, there's nothing comfier than plush trousers with a stretch fit. And as they're so trendy this season, you can choose between a wide variety of styles. Long for when it is cool outside, and shorts for when it gets warmer.
Once we've sorted out the bottom half, it's time to figure out the top half. Have you considered that it’s time to give up the T-shirt with some kind of advertising you got at a party years ago? It's fulfilled its purpose, and now it’s time to make way for a new generation. Take a look at the Pull&Bear collection, choose the styles you like best and brighten up the colour palette in your home. Our variety of basic T-shirts will be the foundation of your comfortable men’s clothing.
And since there’s nothing more comfortable than a sweatshirt, you can’t be at home without one. Have a look in our catalogue at the wide selection of styles we have on offer. Hoodies or round-neck sweatshirts with a pouch pocket for carrying your phone around, or plain.
And while you're at it, take the opportunity to stock up on some pairs of socks and get rid of all of the odd ones cluttering up the drawer.
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