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Women’s heeled sandals

We've spent the whole year thinking about when it'll be time to finally free our much-missed heeled sandals from our wardrobes. Checking the weather forecast, sticking our heads out of the window, monitoring the thermometer to spot the exact moment when it's no longer too risky to set our closed shoes aside and put on our best summer models.
Okay, it's time! The day to take our fabulous sandals for a walk has arrived. Have you already picked your best pair? These shoes have the power to add a different vibe whenever they're added to a look, making it more elegant, more stylish, more flattering. This is why we love them (as well as so many other reasons). What's more, there's nothing they don't go with. Want some ideas?
Let's start with mid-heel sandals. Because sometimes we want to look amazing without compromising on comfort. Whatever your plans, you can spend the whole day in heels this height. One of the models you're going to love wearing this season are mid-heel sandals with ankle straps, a basic item you can't miss this summer. On Pull&Bear's online store, you can find all the different varieties: sandals with stiletto heels, jute or chunky heels, just one upper strap or crossover straps, both narrow and wide, and of course, in a wide range of colours so you can match them with all the different options in your wardrobe. If you're looking for the heeled sandal that will be your most loyal companion throughout the summer, opt for a plain colour with jute heels that will go with everything. The black model is what you need. And to give a colourful touch to your outfits, try out the colourful alternatives we suggest.
Mules are another great choice, whether with chunky heels or stiletto heels. They're one of this season's trends, with either front straps or crossover straps. They go really well with any outfit – how about pairing them with a midi skirt and a T-shirt? Add another accessory, like a crossbody bag, some round sunglasses and some gold hoop earrings. They're also a great choice with mini dresses or even some fitted shorts.
If high-heeled shoes are your thing, you'll be able to find your ideal model for this summer too. Whether they're for a social event or family get-together, for a fun night out or just to take a walk, some elegant heeled sandals will add a special effect to your looks.
There are as many options as you can dream up. Choose your favourites and most importantly, enjoy them! see more See less