Women's Shoes for Parties and Events

Every look starts with a pair of good shoes that go great with your other garments.
Our feet deserve the same care and attention as the rest of us and shoes are often the first step to a winning outfit.

Stand out at the party with a great pair of shoes.

One of the first rules of fashion is never to leave anything to chance. But even with that in mind, many of us pay little attention to our footwear , having only a few options that we pair randomly.
If there is any place and time to stand out, it’s at social events. Parties and celebrations are perfect opportunities for fashion to express our personality. Whether it’s a wedding, communion, christening, birthday, inauguration, anniversary or graduation... That’s when your footwear will help you flaunt your best outfit.
And the warm weather means plenty of events like these. Party planners prefer Autumn and Winter for holding day and evening celebrations. Pull&Bear has just launched its line of party and event shoes, so you can get quality footwear in the latest trends to pair with your favourite outfits.

Style your feet for every event

Not every celebration is a formal one. Pull&Bear has a range of designs you can pair with different outfit options. If you’re looking for shoes for a wedding, choose high heels that are also robust and comfortable as you’ll probably be wearing them for a long time. Weddings normally last for hours, so elegant yet comfortable shoes are an excellent choice.
Pull&Bear’s high-heel platform sandals offer height and stability and come in a range of colours, providing a range of options you can pair with your dress. A block heel will let you rest your weary feet so you can strut your stuff on the dance floor when the time comes. For the perfect accessory, check out our “party and event bags”, also available on the Pull&Bear website.
Online or in store, you’ll also find party dresses with a youthful, bold touch, that avoid predictability and help you project your unique personality.
For a fresh touch to your outfit combine dynamic and youthful colours.

Graduations, communions, christenings and other events

Most people play it safe when attending these kinds of family event. Black platform sandals are a safe bet. The elegant, all-purpose colour is a great choice for accessories when your outfit is in a different colour. A simple way to create an understated yet stylish outfit. An ideal option for graduation or communion.
At other events you can be a bit more daring, but always remember to combine your footwear with your clothing and accessories. Opting for the same colour footwear and outfit is the simplest combination. To make it even easier, Pull&Bear has party dresses in a wide range of colours.
Dresses that are asymmetric with double straps or long strappy designs with slits at the hem which go great with both understated and more eye-catching sandals. If you choose a short dress, your legs will look great in sandals with long wrap-around straps.
If you want your dress to stand out, then Pull & Bear’s strappy sandals with a transparent heel (methacrylate or vinyl heel depending on the model) are your best bet. They give your feet a “naked” look.
If you want to draw more attention to your feet then opt for Pull&Bear shoes in stunning colours (such as gold and silver) with ankle straps that catch the eye.
The best part of figuring out your outfit is getting to try things out, experimenting and combining different options. It’s also a great way to project the different aspects of your personality and create a style that’s not only comfortable but also conveys your tastes and preferences. see more See less