Bags for guests at special events

The good weather is finally here and so is the season for parties and events. Weddings that had to be postponed are finally taking place. All kinds of festivals and family celebrations are being planned.
So it's time to show off those dresses you've been saving or try out a new trendy one. We all know no outfit is complete without stylish accessories. The king of all accessories is definitely a handbag as well as being indispensable for storing all you need.

Wedding bags

Wedding ceremonies are those events where everyone wants to look their best. Which bags are most suitable for a wedding? Conventional ones are definitely too ordinary at a time when our outfit is designed to the last detail. Large bags should be avoided so as not to distract from your dress (and for comfort). The most typical wedding bags are:
- Clutch. This bag definitely rules at weddings. Small, long and rigid, without handles or straps.
- Crossbody bag. A small bag, similar to a clutch, but thicker, square-shaped and less rigid.
- Small shoulder bag. More conventional. with a short handle to fit under the arm.
- Wristlet. Differs from the clutch with its handle. This bag hangs from the wrist.
- Envelope-style bag. Flat, as its name suggests, so there isn’t room for bulky items.

Classic combinations

It's traditional to wear metallic colours for evening wedding looks. Silver and gold are still on-trend and go well with dresses featuring rhinestones, sequins or other light-refracting fabrics. If you go for metallic, enhance it with shiny jewellery or dark colours, particularly black.
Pull&Bear have launched their new line of bags for party and event guests. All their bags are designed to match with other brand products such as party shoes, dresses, tops, blouses, skirts, trousers and accessories.
Another combination which never goes out of style is wearing the same colour and tone for bag and shoes, in contrast to the colour of your dress. This is the easiest way to contrast two colours in your outfit.

How to combine handbag colours for parties and events

- Black is the colour that goes with everything. Combines with almost any other colour and exudes elegance.
- White is the most neutral of all and therefore be combined with any shade. While you might avoid white for weddings, as it is reserved exclusively for the bride, it is a good choice as a handbag for other types of parties.
- Earth tones, such as beige and brown, go very well with each other.
- Warm coloured handbags combine with dresses in blue tones. Red goes best with black and shades of grey. Cool colours tend to be easier to combine with others that are either opposite or quite similar in tone.
- Pastel shades, whether warm or cool, are on-trend and soft so they can be your wildcard. Soft pink and sky blue always stand out.

Bags for other events

Other than weddings, things tend to be less formal so there’s lots more possible combinations. Bags for graduation events might be larger, just like communions and christenings, although this does depend on the social environment.
Shoulder bags go better with dresses that cover the arms, or at least the shoulders, while strappy dresses or dresses with low necklines at the back don't work with a shoulder bag that covers the skin you want to show.
For dresses that leave more skin exposed (which we tend to wear in warmer weather), crossbody bags, are better, worn as a clutch or with long, narrow handles that don't cover the skin. This way you can wear the bag at the waist or hip.
For halter dresses or short dresses with cut outs (both feature in Pull & Bear's party dress collection), a minimalist bag is always the best option, as the bigger the bag the more it will detract from your dress.
Your accessories (and the bag is the most important) should always enhance the most significant elements of your outfit without stealing the limelight. This Autumn and Winter create fabulous fresh combinations and get the image you want. see more See less