Puffer gilets for men

Puffer gilets are very handy garments for this time of year. Generally, they’re filled with feathers and protect the torso from the cold. This type of men's garment is sleeveless, so it doesn’t restrict mobility and it’s perfect for wearing under a coat for more protection from low temperatures.

Types of men’s puffer gilets

There are many different types of men’s puffer gilets, which differ according to their design and materials.
Firstly, there are puffer gilets made of polyester. This material provides a lot of heat, retaining it between the body and clothing. Sometimes it is blended with cotton to make it warmer.
In addition to polyester puffer gilets, you’ll also find them in nylon. This material is synthetic and known for its thermal use. In terms of strength, it is stronger than polyester, which makes the garment somewhat more expensive. Among the models made of nylon, some are waterproof. They protect you from both the cold and the rain, and are ideal throughout the winter.
The puffer gilet can also include parts that are made of regular fabric. Puffer gilets often come with a fabric hood, for example. This solution is usually preferable in terms of comfort, since quilted hoods take up a lot of space.
Finally, men’s gilets can also be made from recycled materials.
Men's puffer gilets are also very lightweight. This is a huge advantage in everyday life, as other types of coats are heavy on the shoulders and back, which can have harmful consequences after continuous use. The lightness of the gilet is not only more advisable in terms of health, but also in terms of comfort, since it permits any type of activity without its weight interfering. Add to this the mobility they offer thanks to the sleeveless design, and you have a very useful coat for athletes or people who have to work going from one place to another.
Puffer gilets are also very stylish. Nowadays, the layering technique is on-trend. It's about dressing in multiple layers of clothing, which is very practical during the times of year when the temperature changes drastically throughout the day. It’s also very useful during the workday to be able to put on all your layers on the way to work and then take some off when you get to the office so you can adjust to the perfect temperature. Aside from being useful, layering is very stylish and allows you to create original outfits.

What’s the best way to wear the men’s puffer gilet?

Depending on the look you want, you can team the men's puffer gilet with different types of shoes, trousers or tops. It’s a very versatile garment, so it’ll go with your outfit as long as you know how to match it.

The puffer gilet for a smart casual look

If you want a casual look to go to lunch with friends without being overdressed, you should pair your puffer gilet with a collared shirt and a knitted sweater. And for trousers, you can complete the look with some beige chinos. Lastly, for shoes, you can go with some leather loafers. This way, you’ve achieved a classic and elegant style.

The puffer gilet for a minimalist look

The minimalist style is all about stripping away all that is unnecessary, allowing the garments themselves to take centre stage. It’s a very simple style in which the quality of the clothes takes precedence, since all the attention is focused on them. To achieve a minimalist look with a puffer gilet, pair it with some darted trousers in the same colour. As for the sweater, you can use a high neck or turtleneck, also in the same colour. For footwear, this style goes very well with white trainers to break up the uniformity.

The puffer gilet for a casual look

In the casual look, comfort is the most important thing. It’s perfect for going for a coffee, going shopping or running daily errands. In this style, the puffer gilet departs from elegance and fits in with the rest of the clothes. To achieve this look, you can team it with a sweatshirt. The puffer gilet with a hood underneath is very on-trend and adds a cool touch. The outfit can be pulled together with jeans and some trainers.
In short, a men’s puffer gilet is something you can wear to suit your style as long as you know how to mix and match it. In addition to reflecting your personality and unique style, it will also keep you comfortable and warm. see more See less