Smiley Clothing

If there’s a quintessential brand that embodies good vibes, optimism and enthusiasm, it’s definitely the Smiley brand. The highly recognisable smiling face we’ve all come to know and love over the years has become a world-recognised pop culture icon. Now the famous yellow face has landed in Pull&Bear’s latest collection—the most recent collaboration we’ve been dying to celebrate with you!
In this fun joint collection, you’ll find designs featuring the iconic traits of both brands: originality, freshness, clothing designed to break the rules and define your own individual personality, to do whatever you want with a huge smile on your face (and on your clothes).
Amongst the most sought-after models in the collection, you’ll find the always fun Smiley face T-shirts, trainers and accessories such as phone cases, jewellery, bags or belt bags, Smiley face socks or all-denim sets that we’re sure you’ll find irresistible. And they’ll all have the same fun, carefree air that characterises the brand, instantly putting you in a good mood!
Wanna hear another great thing about this collaboration with Pull&Bear? We’ve got Smiley face clothing for both women and men! The best thing about this captivating collection is that women and men’s fashion are both covered—no complications, no distinctions. It includes everybody!
The designs are full of colour (we couldn’t have it any other way!). Yellows, pinks, purples and greens are the main colours featured—usually over a white background—pulling together a collection full of casual, yet dynamic garments.

Head-to-toe Smiley look

You can create your head-to-toe Smiley look by combining jeans from our collection with a matching jacket. Pop on a basic tee, and then go around spreading smiles wherever you go! If you opt for some of our Smiley T-shirts, you can wear them with your more casual outfits, or perhaps with some more traditional outfits to add a slightly different touch. For a masculine look, wear it tucked into a pair of tailored trousers. Throw on a faux leather or faux suede jacket. And for footwear, go for some black trainers with a white sole, or some white trainers with a caramel-coloured sole. For a feminine outfit, wear your Smiley face T-shirt with a wrap mini skirtor a pleated midi skirt. Finish off the look by adding a blazer and some black boots. Ideal and carefree at the same time—what more could you ask for?
Check out the new Smiley and Pull&Bear clothing collection we’ve designed just for you, and spread the good vibes and enthusiasm everywhere you go! ‘Cause fashion is more than just a design—it’s an attitude! Show off yours! see more See less