Cargo Bermuda shorts for men

There’s a sort of annual ritual that marks the psychological boundary between good and bad weather. This is the moment that dictates the changing of the seasons, and it consists of the following: putting away all winter coats and finally taking your shorts out of hibernation. Once you’ve done this, you know that Winter is officially here, and soon you’ll be enjoying warm evenings with a relaxing drink on the patio, along with long days and sleeping with the window open… In short, the warm weather so characteristic of the Autumn/Winter season. When it comes to trousers, men’s cargo Bermuda shorts have really taken off over the last few seasons. Let’s talk about them for a sec:
This particular style of clothing (cargo) had its origins in military clothing. They were perfectly designed for carrying around all sorts of gadgets and accessories. Little by little, the style’s influence extended to all types of garments, both in men’s and women’s fashion: trousers, jackets, gilets and finally, men’s cargo shorts.
This is a trend that never really goes away; even so, it’s currently experiencing a sort of comeback. It’s not uncommon to leave the house and come across several garments with these characteristics: safari style, multiple pockets, khaki and brown colours, etc.

You can combine your cargo Bermuda shorts with other comfortable clothing and footwear.

If you opt for a pair of cargo shorts from Pull&Bear’s men’s collection, they’re sure to go well with a wide range of ultra-comfy outfits. Because that’s just how they are—these shorts not only offer one of the hottest trends available right now, but they’re also extremely comfortable, especially the jogging models.
Plus, there’s nothing easier to mix and match than a pair of shorts. The options are basic, but they always go with everything. The easiest thing to do would be to just throw on your favourite T-shirt. And there’s your outfit! If you’d like to do something a little more elaborate, wear an open shirt—one with striking prints would be even better. If you think it might get chilly later, put on a hoodie for when the sun sets to create a chill Winter look.
Next, you have to consider which shoes to wear. To go with your pair of cargo shorts, you’re better off with trainers, slides or beach sandals.
From there, you can just use your imagination: go for long socks with athleisure designs or psychedelic prints, a belt with a chain, a bucket hat or cap, a belt bag, sunglasses… Top off your outfit any way you like with our wide selection of accessories! Find the perfect look at Pull&Bear. see more See less