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How many unwritten laws are universally accepted without question? We can think of several. For example: mid-waist women’s trousers are the most flattering style for all figures.


Seeing as choosing the ideal pair of jeans is a constant worry, opting for some mid-waist jeans could be just the answer. And you know the best thing? At Pull&Bear we’ve created a selection that’ll make your jaw drop. We have them in every shape, style and colour, so you can choose the pair that best suits your personality or that you most want to wear on a day-to-day basis. Check out our selection of mid-waist jeans and find your ideal pair of trousers.
Mom fit trousers are the most popular style. Their natural shape adapts to your figure and they look great with any body shape. Another option is a pair of slightly more tailored women’s mid-rise slim fit mom trousers, which provide the same flattering fit and look perfect with a lightweight jacket.
Slouchy trousers are some of the most recent arrivals in the world of mid-rise jeans, but they’ve become very popular. These are oversize trousers that are basically a mix between baggy trousers and chinos. They feature harem-style legs, bringing structure to the outfit. Wear them with turned-up hems and a balloon sleeve top for a winning look.
Another type of women’s trousers that have become essential are flared or bell bottom trousers. These trousers also fit like a glove, creating a slimming effect. Wear them full length or cropped. Do you know what goes best with them? Blouses with a knot at the waist. Try it!
And of course, we’d like to give a special shout-out to skinny jeans. Although there are countless new styles, we refuse to give up our loyal skinnies! We love wearing them with oversize T-shirts and blouses because of the contrast they create.
We hope this short article has shed some light on how to find the perfect mid-rise jeans for you. Hurry and snap them up! see more See less