Crop tops have turned straight into a staple in our wardrobes, to be worn however or whenever you like. You're quite right, these types of garment are short and display part of your torso, but they can still be worn in both winter or Winter. Why? It’s all about playing around with lengths.
It’d be logical to think that given they show off your midriff, crop tops are best suited for hot weather, when you want to bare some skin to cool down. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The trick is to pair them with mid-waist and high-waist items. Crop tops go perfectly with garments high enough to cover up the gaps they leave. This way, you can wear them in hot weather or cold weather, Winter or winter.
The good thing about crop tops is that they come in so many styles: long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, strappy, strapless, halter neck, round neck, V-neck, sweetheart neckline, low back, fitted, loose, oversize, shirred, embroidered, elasticated, scalloped, ruffled, puff sleeve, dotted mesh, cotton, linen, ribbed, tulle, shiny, lace, basic, printed, with designs… So no matter how you imagine it, your ideal crop top is out there.

Change your style while sticking to your crop tops

Their versatility means they can be worn for all kinds of occasions. You can wear one out for a walk, to the shops, to a party, to visit family or even to work. What matters is what you pair it with. Let’s think about how you could wear one in different situations.
On any normal day, wear your simple crop top with some high-waist jeans (mom-style or slouchy). You could also pair it with an A-line mini skirt or some shorts, weather permitting.
For a more formal look, go for something that looks great with crop tops: paperbag trousers. A crop top with a blazer and some heels works for a day in the office or for a family celebration.
If you want to take your crop top out to a festival, try pairing it with a midi skirt or cargo trousers and some trainers. Add some details and accessories, like a belt bag or white-framed sunglasses, and you'll be ready to go.
Another tried-and-tested combination is a crop top with dungarees or a jumpsuit, which is a great way to wear a crop top more discreetly while still making the most of it.
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