Men’s coats and jackets

During the winter season in wardrobes around the world, sweaters and sweatshirts are replaced by different kinds of garments specifically designed for low temperatures. Men’s fashion is no exception and also has outer pieces to keep warm when the seasons change.
Men’s coats and jackets are the key garment in winter clothing, and choosing the right one for your style is easier than you think: you just have to bear a few characteristics in mind, such as appearance, fabric, colour, and the use you will put it to.

Men’s coats for the cold

Men’s coats and jackets come in a wide range of designs and styles. Generally, the difference between masculine coats and jackets lies in the length and the material they are made from, although there are some materials that can be found both in jackets and in three-quarter-lengths. Depending on the climate you are facing, and the type of event you’re attending, you’ll have to opt for one type of garment or another.
Wool coats: they have a variable length and they are warm and smart. They have wide lapels and double-breasted buttons at the front. They can be 100% wool, 50% wool and 50% polyester, or even 100% polyester. Combine them with dress trousers for formal attire.
Parkas:knee-length coats specially designed to withstand low temperatures. Filled with down or synthetic fibre, they have a fur-lined hood. Perfect for informal outings in the winter.
Trench coats: thin, lightweight, classic and timeless coats dating back over a hundred years. Although in their day they were worn by the military, they are now a basic garment in the masculine wardrobe. They offer a smart, polished look and they can help you keep warm and dry during autumn and winter.
Waterproofs: they come down to the hip, making them a great option for rainy days. They have drawstrings at the waist and cuffs, as well as an opening with a half-length zip. Combine them with sweatshirts and jeans for a sporty look.
To wear any of these men’s coats, you’ll have to strike a balance between the top part and the lower part, to prevent the look from becoming too overloaded.
For example, to go out for dinner on a day when it’s not too cold you can wear a wool coat with a cashmere sweater, some straight-cut jeans and Chelsea boots.
However, if it gets colder and you wear something thicker on top, like a thick wool sweater, or a sweatshirt, the best option is a parka with some black skinny jeans and matching >boots.

Tips for combining men’s jackets

The term “jacket” encompasses a wide variety of different designs and styles. Therefore, choosing the right one for every occasion and outing can seem complicated, especially if you’re not familiar with the different kinds, but we are here to help you. These are the best types of jacket for men that should not be missing from your wardrobe.
Bomber or aviator jacket: the bomber jacket is a short, resilient jacket, with a zip at the front and fitted or elastic waist and cuffs. Perfect for finishing off your informal looks, this jacket is comfortable and very versatile.
Leather jacket: for days when you want a rock 'n' roll look, there is nothing better than a short, close-fitting biker or leather jacket, with zips and studs, that looks smart and resilient. What’s more, it looks great with jeans and a T-shirt, making it into a quick and simple option for those days when you’re late getting ready but you want to look cool.
Denim jacket: this versatile piece of outerwear looks great with countless outfits, both informal and smart. And, it’s perfect for any time of year. Wear it on Winter nights with a white round neck T-shirt and on winter days with a black high neck sweater under a camel coat.
Shearling jacket: if you want to wrap up warm in the winter, shearling jackets are perfect for facing the cold in style. Generally, the inside of these jackets is wool and the outside is suede, although there are many other options available today for the outside, such as leather or denim.
You can find men’s coats and jackets in almost any material and style: sporty with a zip, wool, waterproof, leather, shearling... It doesn’t matter how you dress, there is always a coat or jacket that can help you highlight your physical qualities, at the same time as keeping you warm, but without giving up on comfort.
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