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Denim shirts for men

You can wear jeans with everything, right? There’s no T-shirt, shirt or sweater that you can’t wear with them. Well, the same goes for the men’s denim shirt. It keeps all the good qualities of denim, but with the added advantage that being the top half of an outfit, it’s more versatile to wear.
This item of clothing has become a wardrobe staple. Together with white and blue, the denim shirt is a must that you cannot be without in your wardrobe. Why, you ask? Because it’s a wardrobe basic designed to solve everyday looks that’ll make your daily battle of what to wear easier every morning.
As a general rule, these shirts are associated with informal and casual looks, but you can combine them perfectly for a more formal look. You could even pair a denim shirt with a tie, what do you think? This garment was initially designed to be part of workers’ attire, given that denim is such a strong and resistant material. However, as the popularity of this fabric grew, it became more accessible to everyone, leading to wardrobes around the world having endless varieties of this garment.
The denim shirt goes hand in hand with practically any pair of trousers in your wardrobe, including your jeans ! The total denim look started to become fashionable on the catwalks and quickly spread to the streets. Mixing different tones of denim is possible by either combining different shades of blue or opting for different colours. You can complement your look by pairing it with a jacket made from a different fabric. The result—a very stylish vintage look.
Like any other denim garment, men’s denim shirts come in a wide variety of colours. Let’s start with the classic blue, characteristic of denim, in a light, medium or dark tone. But you can also go for black, grey, khaki, brown, beige… You can also opt for plain colours or with an effect, such as a distressed look or tie-dye. The possibilities are so diverse.
Another way to differentiate them is to pay attention to detail. For example, do you prefer a classic collar or a stand-up collar? With buttons or clasps? With or without pockets? With the seams in the same colour or contrasting with the denim? Short sleeves or long sleeves? As you can see, it’s not as easy as it seems.
Wear your men’s denim shirt as a single garment or on top of other items, wear it open as an overshirt on top of a T-shirt or under a sweater or a sweatshirt.
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