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We live life at lightning speed: going to work, to university, to school, coming home to change and then leaving to get your daily workout in, going shopping for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch, studying, walking the dog, chatting with family and friends for a while, staying tuned to what’s going on in the world and on social media, watching the latest gripping series, reading a book that was recommended... and finally reaching the end of the day feeling as if you’ve been pummelled by a steamroller. That’s why you sometimes need to look for the “stop” button between all the hustle and bustle of daily activities and responsibilities. From Pull&Bear, we’d like to give you some ideas on women’s homewear—meaning, cosy clothes for women that allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed at home.

Women’s homewear for a more comfortable outfit

Women’s homewear has a lot of potential, and staying at home doesn’t have to mean neglecting your look; you can enjoy a little R & R for you and your loved ones in comfortable, discerning outfits. As you know, pyjamas are a must, but there are also many more options. For starters, what about some joggers? They can be worn out or just for pottering about at home. With an elasticated waist and plush fabric, they’re the most comfortable option.
Now, what about sweatshirts? It’s time to update those old rags you’ve got at home and replace them with some new ones from this century! It’s about time you threw out the sweatshirt with the worn-out elastic that itches whenever you put it on. Instead, why not go for a warm, cosy hoodie from our new collection? Your big brother’s old T-shirts aren’t really worth wearing anymore either. I mean, they made sense at one point, but your wardrobe expects more of a commitment from you. Why not get yourself some of the models we have on offer? Such as: cotton T-shirts, oversize, basic or with a contrasting detail.
Important: thinking about women’s homewear means including socks with their matching pairs,unstretched scrunchies, and headbands that actually stay on your head. Comfortable footwear, a hair bow . . . That’s how we like to add a touch of colour to everyday life. Anyway, we can confirm that there are plenty of options to make everyday life at home a bit more special.
It’s time to update your collection of women’s comfy clothing for staying at home! Check out our collection and refresh your homewear! see more See less