Xhupa në stil aviatori

The bomber is another one of those items that seeped into our wardrobes from the professional world, in this case, the military bomber jacket: it was the jacket that army aviators began wearing. Later, young people in the suburbs of the United Kingdom adopted it. In the ‘80s, it had its Golden Age, when it exploded on the scene with a display of creativity, colours and oversized styles. A few years ago, we rescued it again and since then, it has never left.
It’s earned its place on its own merits. In the beginning, it began to crop up in more informal looks, but gradually, it worked its way into more elegant styles and today, it’s one of the most versatile items. The big jump came when we started to see men’s bomber jackets appear on big international catwalks. Our generation introduced this jacket to great events, but soon, they were gaining popularity and there were already many stars and celebrities who dared to wear it. Thus, the options were diversified and made more and more daring, until they became the main focus of your outfit.
Nevertheless, the design that has taken over street style, the true king of street fashion, are men’s basic bomber jackets, either plain or featuring some sort of contrast detail. An easily paired item that’ll go well with most of the clothes in your wardrobe. From a skinny fit chino to a pair of cargo trousers or joggers, without forgetting, of course, any type of jeans.
Choose a tailored fit pair of chino trousers with a brown or grey checked print, in the most pure classic style. As for the shoes, opt for some all-white trainers or if you prefer, some black worker-style boots. For the top half, pop on a basic tucked in white T-shirt. Put the final touch to your look with a red wine-coloured men’s bomber jacket.
If you’re looking for something more casual for day-to-day use, you can go for jeans on the bottom half and play around with the contrast of colours and shapes on top. Try a printed T-shirt and a plain bomber, put on a sweatshirt underneath with the hood on the outside, or let the bottom of your shirt hang below your men’s bomber jacket. Explore your options, you have so many!
Check out the Pull&Bear online collection and find the men’s bomber jacket that’ll go with all of your outfits this season. shih më shumë Shih më pak