When it comes to fashion, we can state almost certainly that there are some classics we could wear forever, and always be on trend. For example, a women’s trench coat. They were on trend in the ‘50s, they’re on trend now and they’ll (hopefully) be on trend in the future.
The women’s trench coat is another of those garments that were born in military times (during the First World War) and that, little by little, started to be incorporated to street style. The waterproofing and breathability of the fabric made it a good option for dressing the combatants. Some time later, we would start to see it in films and TV series, managing to become an icon in some cases. For some time it was the identifying trait for fictional detectives and members of the Mafia, and so, little by little, it started to gain terrain. Nowadays, it’s a must-have in the female wardrobe.
Due to its origins, the women’s classic trench has a khaki green colour, is double-breasted and ties at the waist, but the latest trends have caused our options to multiply. If you’ve decided to climb aboard the women’s trench coat train, you’ll find it easy to use, because you can create a wide variety of looks with your coat as the focal piece.
We could say that one of the best allies for this emblematic garment is a pair of ankle boots. Together, they’re unstoppable. This type of footwear will enhance your silhouette by slimming your legs, which will look phenomenal with the tailored effect of the trench coat’s waist. This season, get your hands on some snakeskin print ankle boots and you won’t want to take them off. And if you include a midi skirt with box pleats or buttons on the front, you’ll get it spot on!
The great thing about the women’s trench coat is that, even though it looks great with boots, it works with trainers, too! With jeans and a turtleneck sweater in a bright colour, you’ll create the perfect look for going to work on any ordinary day.
In general, the women’s trench coat is a classic and elegant garment that works really well with simple or minimalist outfits. So, you can wear it with tailored darted trousers and a blouse in plain colours, low-heel shoes and a black handbag. Perfect!
The women’s trench coat is one of those garments that we must have at least once in our lifetime. Don’t miss the opportunity to get yours! shih më shumë Shih më pak