Xhupa me mbushje

Like every Winter, you once again face that age-old question: Which jacket will I buy this year? There are hundreds of trends, but if you’re having to opt for an item that’s on-trend and also very comfortable, then the choice is obvious: your winning bet for the cold season is the women’s puffer jacket.
As if they came straight from the ski slopes, women’s anoraks have stormed into street style preferences. From the moment in which we saw them appear on the catwalks a few years ago, we’ve been counting down the days until we could get our hands on them. We’ve seen them hit the catwalks again and again, and now, finally, we can include them as a permanent member of our wardrobes.
Although they’re one of the warmest items out there this Winter, the women’s puffer jacket has been a breath of fresh air for Winter fashion. Its variety of colours is revamping the colour palette of the colder months and pushing it out of its comfort zone of the usual basics. There won’t only be blacks, browns and dark colours in our look when the temperatures dip, so make room also for reds, yellows or pinks, thanks to the women’s puffer jacket.
When choosing your women’s puffer jacket, you can look at details other than just the colour, for example, its size: you’ll find both oversized styles and more fitted styles. You can also choose the shape: if you’re looking for the warmest puffer jacket for you wardrobe, opt for a long one; if, on the other hand, you’re looking for more comfort, go for a short or a cropped fit. If it has a hood, even better, an added extra that’ll protect you on the coldest and rainiest days.
In general, you’ll use your women’s puffer jacket for day-to-day looks. For a sporty look, pair it with some black trousers and some white trainers. Go for some boots or ankle boots and a black coat. Don’t be scared to pair it with a dress, everything goes when it comes to trends!
We’re also delighted that technical mountain clothing has made this concession to street clothes and that we can benefit from one of its star items: the puffer jacket. Don’t let the Winter go by without getting your hands on one, you’ll see how you become immune to the low temperatures, as well as being right on-trend. What more could you want? shih më shumë Shih më pak