Every discipline has its absolute and irrefutable truths. In physics and chemistry classes, we were taught that water evaporates at 100ºC and freezes at 0ºC; in linguistics, we learnt that sentences have a subject and a predicate; today, in this impromptu fashion class, we’ll review the denim jackets for women to prove that there is no female wardrobe that can live without it.
This absolute protagonist of women’s outfits is a multi-purpose item, capable of standing out, even in the most unimaginable looks. It’s the wild card that we all have in our wardrobe: if you don’t know what to wear, your denim jacket will always be suitable.
Want to know how to wear it? Just imagine any outfit and it’ll surely go. Anyway... we’re going to give you some ideas in case you’re not feeling particularly inspired.
Let’s start with the all-denim look. Who ever said you couldn’t pair two different denim items together? Pop on your black denim jacket with some jeans, a white T-shirt and a cowboy belt and boots. With this simple combination, you’ll look great and oh-so trendy. You can also vary the colours of the denim, for example, having a blue jacket and black jeans.
And how about pairing it with printed trousers? Opt for animal print trousers—the most popular—with a basic black T-shirt and your women’s denim jacket, and you’ll have a foolproof look for any occasion. Put the icing on the cake with some black boots and a bag in a striking colour—you’ll be sure to succeed.
And with dresses? Of course! In fact, they create a look that we love.You can choose any type of dress you like, whatever length, shape and material. One of our personal faves? The floral print. Wear it with some brown suede ankle boots, oversized denim jacket and a matching bag. It also works with plain dresses... Try it and see!
It’s also true that it’s more of an item for in between seasons, rather than the colder months. That’s why we are such big fans of the new option of a denim jacket with faux shearling. It maintains the essence of our favourite jacket, but also keeps us warm, without forgetting the finishing touch the faux shearling gives inside.
If you still haven’t found your ideal women’s denim jacket, we’re sure you’ll find your true love in our Pull&Bear online collection! shih më shumë Shih më pak