Funde dhe pantallona të shkurtra

Skirts, those faithful and versatile companions that we love so much. Those that we have to sort by length, colour, season.... And that we could practically have an entire wardrobe for. Those that are sometimes worn long, sometimes short; sometimes in soft fabrics, other times in sturdier material. Sometimes with a straight cut, sometimes asymmetrical... They can be worn in many ways, because they’re clearly in style. Would you like to know which ones are this year’s favourites? Here are a few ideas.
Pleated skirts are the season's star garment. Feminine and elegant, we see them mostly in soft colours, though you can also find them in more vivid shades and prints or in different chromatic combinations. The star length for these types of textures is midi, but long designs also create an incredible flowing effect. Lightweight fabrics with a slight drape can also be seen in skirts that set the trend. This is the case of satin skirts, which are so popular on social media and on the streets.
Asymmetric designs have gained lots of followers. Whether it's for their slit, deep cuts, false crossovers or any other reason, the irregular effect is slaying in party and everyday skirts. In line with this trend, crossover and wrap skirts are also a big hit. Diagonal or side cuts create an asymmetric effect on the front. You can find lots of different designs with this feature, where common garments are those with flowing fabrics, ruffles and a wide variety of prints. Great for spring or summer, combined with a crop top or a white T-shirt with a slogan.
Flashy prints on our favourite skirts have also come on strong. From the popular animal print to check, stripes, flowers, geometric motifs, camouflage or abstract designs. There's room for all of them in our wardrobe!
Those with A-line cuts are also another one of our favourites. They’re usually seen on mini skirts, and could be considered an option that's the opposite of pencil skirts. It adds a fresh and youthful air to your outfits.
And, of course, we can’t forget about classic long denim skirts, an option that's always a good choice for practically any look. Its versatility let’s us create all types of looks depending on how we combine them. No matter what time of year it is, a denim skirt will always let you change your outfit without having to change the garment, just by picking the right accessories.
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Do you have a formal event and don’t know what to wear? Women's blazers are ideal for these occasions, and you can combine them with a pair of trousers and a blouse or shirt and add some shoes or street-style trainers. shih më shumë Shih më pak