Mëngë të shkurtra

There are items of clothing that come and go, coming in and out of our lives. There are others that always hold a special place in our wardrobes (and our hearts), surviving every wardrobe clear-out. Then there are those that stand the test of time. Despite the fact we can’t fit into them anymore, they’ve lost their sparkle and they’re out of fashion, we can’t bear to see them go and we grasp onto them against all odds. More often than not, the items we cherish and hold onto are our favourite T-shirts. That T-shirt you bought with a close friend; the one you’ve worn to endless concerts; the one you slew in at so many parties. If you’ve formed such a strong bond with some of your wardrobe faves, then you’re gonna love Pull&Bear’s collection of women’s short sleeve T-shirts.
This year slogan T-shirts are killing it. You’ll find slogans loaded with humour, as well as those defending feminism and environmentalism, encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, reaffirming personal identity against the masses, and all kinds of different movements. Our generation is committed to society and the planet, which is why our slogans are no longer limited to protest banners and are now appearing on our clothes!
A certain nostalgia for past eras has set in. Not that we think "the past always seems better”, but there are certain eras that deserve some recognition. That’s why we’ve designed a selection of women’s licensed short sleeve T-shirts, featuring old logos of some of the most popular brands from times gone. These corporate identities are now deeply rooted in our collective imagination and we all recognise them longingly.
We’re also paying tribute to film culture by bringing back scenes from the films, series and cartoons that moved us so deeply. It’s not uncommon to spot outfits capped with women’s short sleeve T-shirts that feature the entire cast of a sitcom or the characters who starred in the stories and adventures that fascinated us when we were kids.
T-shirts of bands that have already become classics. We proudly wear them to festivals and concerts, regardless of whether or not the band is listed on the line-up.
We haven’t forgotten about all-over prints either. From animal prints to polka dots, stripes, checks, patterns or any other motif you can think of. Last but not least, women’s basic short sleeve T-shirts always come to the rescue when we’re having a wardrobe crisis.
T-shirts go with anything. So don’t forget to finish off your look with your favourite skirt, trousers or jeans. Remember to combine plain pieces with prints, and intense colours with soft colours—give your ensemble that extra oomph! Tone-on-tone combos will equally do the trick. Any footwear will work, as well as any knit garment come Winter, or an open cardigan come Winter.
You’re sure to find the T-shirts that’ll turn into your wardrobe essentials in Pull&Bear’s selection. shih më shumë Shih më pak