Legend has it that a long time ago (a time we would rather forget), women's trainers could only be worn when doing sports. Can you imagine?
Luckily, the days of "no pain, no gain” are long gone, opening up a whole new world of comfort where it is no longer required to wear ridiculously high heels in order to comply with event dress codes.
For some time now, women's trainers have been the crowning glory of many an outfit. There was a time when it may have astonished people to witness a formal outfit rounded off with a pair of sneakers; nowadays, however, not only is it unsurprising, but it's also in tune with the latest trends.
If we were to go back a few years, teaming a skirt or a dress with a pair of women's casual shoes would have been a no go for many of us. Those were the days! Nowadays it's the complete opposite— trainers go with everything!
The latest trends have revolutionised the concept of sneakers, which now come in all sorts of patterns and designs, ranging from brand-new trends to fresh takes on some of the classics. In any case, we just love the fact that women's trainers are so in right now, cos we can't get enough of them!
White trainers have taken the catwalk, the street and social media by storm. They're shaping up to be the star of all kinds of outfits. This Winter they'll look foolproof with a long dress in floral print and a basket-style jute bag.
As for Winter , a great way to wear them is with a dark, flowing blazer and a white T-shirt with a slogan. If you don't own a trouser and jacket suit, simply pair with some baggy trousers and a blazer.
Chunky soles are also coming on strong this season. They'll work with all kinds of outfits, though we have a soft spot for them when paired with a mini dress or a mini skirt. Team them with a printed high-rise mini skirt and a wide T-shirt.
You'll also find women's casual trainers in a variety of prints, from animal print to stripes, checks, polka dots and any pattern you could possibly imagine. They're ideal for wearing with plain-coloured clothing.
Come Wintertime, plimsolls with esparto or jute soles are our favourite picks. They'll give your looks a fresh and Wintery feel and can be paired with a skirt or trousers. You simply can't go wrong!
There's no doubt about it; sneakers have become the ultimate footwear, which probably accounts for such an astounding variety of designs, colours and shapes. Come and take a look at Pull&Bear's collection of women's trainers—you'll find them in all colours, shapes and sizes. Are you bold enough for a little mixing and matching? shih më shumë Shih më pak