You can never have too many bags, right? The truth is women's bags are often an object of desire in our fashion choices. What is it that happens inside us when - even though our wardrobe is full and we give a resounding "I already have all the bags I need. I refuse to buy even one more” - all of a sudden Pull&Bear brings out its latest gorgeous model and our conviction weakens? It will end up in your wardrobe, and you know it. And all is well, because you’ll take it home with you alongside a satisfactory smile on your face.
Luckily, there are options for all needs and tastes. The world of women’s bags has always been on the forefront of creativity, innovating from all possible perspectives: design, shape, materials, colours and forms of use. No matter your style, no matter your preferences, no matter the situation you find yourself in, Pull&Bear has the perfect bag for you.
It's safe to say that crossbody bags are the most popular. If you look through your wardrobe, they're probably the most numerous. They're comfortable and they go well with any outfit. Pair them with a skirt, trousers or dress, it doesn’t matter.
Tote bags are a very practical option when you have to carry a lot of things or, quite simply, when you want to give a maxi touch to your outfit. They are one of the most sought-after options for office looks when combined with tailored trousers, blouses, blazers and mid-heel ankle boots. Tote bags are equally common in street style, not just for running errands but also as a conscious bag choice.
Belt bags have been reborn and are now one of the most popular choices. They offer versatility and the ability to carry your most important objects without getting in the way. They are most popular with urban outfits and athleisure but can also be worn with romantic skirts or girly dresses.
We haven’t forgotten about backpacks, another of the season’s star accessories. If you’re on the go all day, a backpack is your best option, as it allows you to carry everything you need while staying on trend.
You won’t be able to resist the women's bags in the Pull&Bear collection. Can you pick just one? shih më shumë Shih më pak