When you’re creating your look, every detail counts, from your hair accessories to the shine on your shoes. Together, all those details show off parts of your personality and say something about you. What's special about accessories is that they reveal another facet of who you are. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are all in fashion, and they’re a way of telling people what you like and the style you own. What do your accessories say about you?

Women's bracelets are another feature of your outfits, pieces that adorn your wrists and contribute to creating the perfect ensemble. When the seasons change and you can finally roll up your sleeves and bare your arms, it’s the perfect moment to wear these accessories for an elegant, casual or youthful touch... the choice is yours!

It’s a fact that the latest jewellery trends are all about layering: Italian-style rings— rings worn on every finger, with some fingers featuring more than one —layered necklaces, also known as the "neck party” trend and wearing multiple earrings. And with fashion bracelets it’s no different. Wearing several bracelets on the same arm, creating an assorted set of them, is bang on trend right now. The Pull&Bear online collection offers pre-selected packs of designs that look perfect together, the easiest way to create your ensemble.

Metal bracelets are the most elegant and delicate choice for your wrists, ideal for wearing on any occasion and for pairing with your watch. You can choose between chain bracelets and bangles. Don’t limit yourself to wearing pieces of the same colour— why not combine a silver-coloured bracelet with a gold one, and another in bronze?

String bracelets bring a dynamic and colourful touch to your look, especially if they include beading with shells, stones or metallic details. Pick an assortment of styles in different sizes for your more casual looks.

Beaded bracelets are another favourite of ours. They can feature messages on their beads, a plethora of colours and shapes, stones or gems, patterns in resin... Plus, by adding some charms, those little details that hang from the bracelet, you can add even more volume to your look. And don't you just love hearing the sound of your bracelets and their pieces rattling against each other?

You can mix and match all different kinds original bracelets: pair metallic bracelets with string ones, add a charm bracelet or a beaded one and even a bangle. You’ll end up with a very personal and unique ensemble, with all your favourite pieces. Look at the selection we’ve got for you on our website and start imagining all the possibilities. shih më shumë Shih më pak