Lëkurë sintetike

If we were to take a trip down memory lane to try to remember when we first saw a fashion or film icon wearing a women’s faux leather jacket, we would probably find it quite tricky. Firstly because we surely wouldn’t have even been born, yes, but also because this item has been in the fashion spotlight for years and years. Decades. Nevertheless, no matter how much time passes, it’s impossible to get tired of this classic must-have which makes our eyes sparkle.
What can we say about it? A thousand things, and all positive.
Trends come and go, but the women’s biker jacket is not affected. It’s a timeless item that your mum probably wore as much as you do, and if we had to bet, we would say that your daughter will probably wear too.
It never goes out of fashion. You’re just as likely to see the punkiest girl as you are the poshest girl in a faux leather jacket. Each will wear it in her own way, but both will wear it just as well as the other and without clashing with her personality
.We all want one. How many girls do you know who don’t have a biker jacket in their wardrobe? Surely very few. And surely because if they don’t have one, it’s because they’re looking for one (recommend the women’s faux leather jackets at Pull&Bear’s online store and their search will be over in an instant).
They always look good. It doesn’t matter what you put on underneath. You could even go out in pyjamas and if you have your biker jacket on over the top, you’ll look fab. We can’t pinpoint what it is, but we must admit that it’s stolen our hearts (and perhaps we’re not entirely objective).
So many variants of this type of item have been developed, but the original, the classic, the one we all have, is the black one. Featuring zips, straps, studs, buckles and snap buttons of all kinds, but in black. You’ll find it in different lengths and fits, in a shiny or matte finish, textured or not, with or without pockets, with a high collar or a lapel collar, with a belt at the hem or not... The options are endless, you just have to choose what you like best. Any item will go well, but the classic rocker look will always be with your favourite jeans and your most groundbreaking black boots.
In recent seasons, we’ve seen them in all different colours: blues, reds, yellows, pinks... We love these variants of the faux leather jacket, and they’ll make your looks more diverse and varied.
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