When something is destined to be a success, your first reaction is usually suspicion, mistrust and scepticism. It always happens, and it’ll probably continue to happen. It was the same when the jogger trend made its debut in the fashion world. And at first, we had our doubts: "Wait, are these trousers or tracksuit bottoms?” "How do you wear these if you’re not actually going to the gym?” "Haven’t we taken the whole athleisure thing a little too far?” Who would’ve thought that not so long ago we were asking ourselves those very questions, and now we’ve adopted joggers as one our favourite fashion trends because of how comfy they are. So much so that in addition to the jogger trend, we’re now seeing men’s jogger shorts: with the same advantages as regular joggers, and they’re also ready to be included in our list of favourite garments of all time.
This season, it’s no contest: men’s jogger shorts are the go-to item for all your casual and comfy looks this Winter. They come in all colours and styles—we’ve even designed some printed options for you, and some with contrasting side stripes and multiple pockets, right on par with the cargo trend.

Get the most out of your pair of men’s jogger shorts this Winter.

When it comes to mixing and matching them, it’s best to pair jogger shorts with a T-shirt, although you could also go with a shirt or an overshirt. Winter is always so full of colour and creativity, which is why our printed T-shirts will go hand-in-hand with your favourite pair of Bermuda shorts. Opt for any of the tie-dye print, slogan or officially licensed T-shirts in our collection. You’ll have the perfect Winter look, we promise!
Shirts with really eye-catching prints—the kind that are great to wear to festivals and outdoor events. The kind that immediately make you think of Winter! You can wear one on its own or unbuttoned over a basic T-shirt (the latter can be worn loose or tucked in).
To top off your look, make sure to add one or two accessories. A classic cap could be a good choice, or a bucket hat if you want to add an urban touch to your style. Don’t forget to don a pair of sunglasses.
And since you’ll be wearing the most relaxed trousers of the season, treat your feet with the same amount of luxurious comfort by slipping on your favourite trainers, Winter sandals or Havaianas. Nothing but pros! shih më shumë Shih më pak