Mëngë të shkurtra

Traditionally, fashion has put certain restrictions on formal male attire, something which has tainted our comfort and convenience. We’re talking about long sleeves being enforced as the accepted style of shirt. How many times have your legs trembled at the thought of having to wear a long sleeve shirt in the middle of August in the blazing sun? Well, those days are over. Never again will you have to be constrained by this controversial item of clothing. Even in the office? Yes, even in the office. Fortunately for us, men’s short sleeve shirts are already fully implemented and have created their very own category with their own aesthetic standards. We have managed to salvage short sleeve shirts from those opinions that argue they’re not suitable for formal situations, and now, they’re going to make our lives more comfortable.
Men’s short sleeve shirts have recently become extremely popular and you can now find them in every style imaginable. They’re no longer only suitable for family afternoons on the beach. The massive variety means you can wear them in any situation, from day to night, to work or to party.
Stripes are the most popular trend this season for men’s short sleeve shirts. Not just sailor stripes, though, but also the retro-inspired wide vertical stripe that was popular during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Pair it with chino trousers for the office and change into some Bermuda shorts to go for a drink with friends.
Tropical prints, the classic Winter style, now share the spotlight with vintage and ethnic-inspired prints on your favourite short sleeve shirts. Floral motifs and vegetable, fruit, landscape and animal prints succeed season after season, as the Winter months arrive.
You can also often find geometric prints, which are ideal for days in the office. Modern, colourful and fresh, but without losing the elegance required in the defined dress code. With chinos and classic shoes, you have the perfect office look. You can even pair the outfit with trainers.
And don’t forget about plain shirts. They’re also suitable for days in the office, and are slightly more formal than the aforementioned styles. We would recommend tucking them into formal trousers. As for footwear, it’s better to pair it with some invisible or no-show socks.
In short, you won’t want to wear anything other than short sleeve shirts this Winter. Fingers crossed you won’t have to put on another long sleeve shirt until the cooler Autumn months come around. shih më shumë Shih më pak