There are some things no household can do without. To name a few, every kitchen cupboard needs salt, cooking oil and a packet of rice. Every bathroom needs razors and toilet paper (for obvious reasons). Every sitting room needs CDs and books. You might not use them every day, but these objects need to be there, because sooner or later, they’ll come in handy. We’re telling you all this because the exact same goes for your clothing. Every respectable wardrobe deserves a solid collection of men’s shirts, simply because you never know when you might need them (even though you could probably wear them everyday and you’d always look dressed for success).
Which men’s shirts are absolute wardrobe must-haves? First things first: basic shirts. Having a few plain-coloured garments will get you out of many a style crisis; we’d even go as far to say they’ll come to the rescue several times a week.
When you’re stuck on what to wear, a basic shirt is always a good option: whether for wearing to work or to any event that might call for that extra dose of formality in your look. You can take things either way, it all boils down to how you combine it. Basic shirts have become much more diversified, so there are plenty of fits, styles and, above all, colours to choose from. Take a look at the options Pull&Bear’s online store has to offer and build up a solid colour palette for your wardrobe.
Printed shirts are another key piece that no wardrobe is complete without. Let’s start with the basics: stripes and checks. These will come in handy for days at the office. However, there’s more to life than just work, and it’s important to leave room for creativity and fun. Adding a print to your look is an excellent place to start. If you’re a fan of the classics, you might find it hard to incorporate prints into your outfits at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it, bolder prints will gradually start to grow on you. The good news is that, with so many options to choose from, you’ll get to pick the ones that suit you best.
If you want to mix up your collection of men’s shirts, we recommend you take a chance on stand-up collar shirts. This fit combines the formality of a shirt and the casual touch of its band collar. As a result, you’ll slay in a stand-up collar shirt whatever the occasion.
Don’t forget you can also give your shirts a new lease of life by wearing them as men’s overshirts. A single garment can be worn in different ways and allow you to create very different styles with your look.
Now that you have these tips under your belt, you can build up your essential collection of shirts. Find your favourites at Pull&Bear!
Now that you can finally make the most of the beautiful sunny weather, create your Winter look with the collection of men’s T-shirts and Bermuda shorts we have for you at Pull&Bear. Don’t miss out on any of your Winter plans!
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