The men’s belt is an essential accessory in men’s clothing, and is probably one of the oldest too. Not only that, it has taken on a dual role over the years: functionality and style. It started out as a way to hold up trousers, and adjust the waistband for a perfect fit, and has evolved into an essential decorative element for men’s outfits. When you have it on, it stands out; without it, you get the sense something’s missing.
We don’t always like to dress the same, and not everything goes with everything else, but there are two failsafe men's belts which will look good with almost everything you wear. They are: the basic black belt and the basic brown belt in faux leather, uniform colour and a classic buckle. With these two pieces in your wardrobe, you can begin to add more daring options to the mix. But the black belt and the brown belt are the absolute essentials.
And why these two, and others? The answer is that all accessories tend towards these two basic colours. Almost all outfits can be combined with black and brown. Let’s look at some examples to make sure. You leave the house sporting a casual look: blue jeans, a basic white T-shirt, a grey hoodie and some white trainers. Perfect with a black belt. Another day you might put on some skinny fit chino trousers in camel, a mustard yellow knit sweater and some brown military style boots. Here it's obvious which belt to go for (brown, in case you were wondering). Final example: check tailored trousers in grey tones and a khaki green turtleneck sweater. You could opt for a brown or black belt depending on which shoes you put on to finish the outfit. It’s as easy as that! There are very few looks which can’t be worn with these basic men’s belts.
For more formal occasions, we recommend that you get yourself a more dressy men’s belt. Generally these include more understated styles, in basic colours, with a simple buckle in a contrasting colour. You’ll find the one that’s right for you in our selection.
Bring a sense of creativity to your style, selecting other models which are a bit different, such as braided belts for men, elastic styles, or with strips of contrasting colour, eye-catching buckles (asymmetrical, or with two prongs...) or in colours which are a change from the more classic men’s belts.
In the Pull&Bear men’s belt collection you can select the models you need to wear for that everyday impeccable look, from the most basic styles that are essential for your wardrobe, to the most original ones that will add a touch of personality to your look. shih më shumë Shih më pak