Who said that jewellery was reserved exclusively for women’s fashion? It couldn’t be further from the truth! Nowadays, and luckily for everyone, there is jewellery for men which can help create an individual, personal style for each and every one of us, with a huge range of items.
If trends previously leaned more towards minimalism and an absence of embellishments, now the trend has been turned on its head and jewellery for men is now more fashionable than ever. Leather or metallic bracelets, boho-style pendants or chunky rings; they have all become must-have items for men who want to go one step further with their personal styling. Through your choice of accessories you can convey either a youthful or classic look, you can make a strong statement, or be more discrete. It’s all about adding that extra touch of detail. What's more, men’s accessories are no longer just for special occasions; they can be worn every day. They don’t only add something extra to your image, they also help you to express yourself, and your current mood.
Every single thing you wear says something about you. From the most eye-catching piece of clothing, to the minutest of details. This is why Pull&Bear has created a men’s jewellery collection with all manner of accessories for men’s fashion, including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and keyrings.
You will be able to find packs of jewellery in one particular style, which work perfectly both together and as single items. So if you decide to go for one of our bracelet packs, you’ll have the choice of wearing them all together on the same wrist, divide them between the two, or put on the ones that go best with your outfit that day.
The same applies to our packs of earrings. If you wear several in one ear, you can mix and match knowing that they will work perfectly together, or even wear them separately, choosing whichever ones you fancy for that day.
The secret is knowing how to combine them. For example, if you prefer a full on vintage look, choose camel coloured cropped trousers, a basic white T-shirt, a short sleeve over shirt worn open, some white trainers with white socks on show and a brown belt.If you prefer a more comfortable look, you can opt for a pair of baggy trousers with an oversized t-shirt and a basic sweatshirt. And for the finishing touches, layer some pendants around your neck and put on a pair of round glasses with brown lenses. Include a few metallic bracelets and a couple of eye-catching rings, like signet rings with contrasting details.
Take a look through our men's jewellery collection and pick out those accessories that you want to include right away in your day to day style. Express your personality with our men’s accessories. shih më shumë Shih më pak