Women’s Hooded Sweatshirts

The fashion dictionary is always being updated with the most colourful terms. They go hand in hand with new trends and settle into our day-to-day vocabulary fluidly and with ease. We’re more familiar with some of them than others, some we use without really knowing what they are and others we don’t use when we speak, but we do when we get dressed. It’s fun. If we asked you what a hoodie was, what would you say? It’s so simple! It’s nothing more than a sweatshirt with a hood. You’ve been wearing them for a lifetime but you might not have heard this word until now. But why, "hoodie”? Because of the word "hood” in English. It all makes sense!
You remember wearing these garments when you were little, don’t you? At first, especially in sports contexts, for P.E. classes and afternoon sports training. Now, their use has diversified thanks, in large part, to the proliferation of the athleisure style.
They have two basic forms, the classic hoodie with a zip, which you can wear either open or closed, and the classic version. Choose between plain and uniform colour or with a print on the front. The sportiest designs might also include side stripes on the arms, contrast cuffs or colour blocks.
Hoodies are no longer exclusively for the gym, but can be combined to create the most varied looks. If you like oversized garments or adding a masculine touch to your style, there’s no doubt that they’re a great choice.
Slip on some red and black check skinny jeans, a black or white fitted T-shirt, a hoodie with a zip, also in black, and some trainers. You’ll create a really interesting balance between the upper and lower silhouette. You could also pair it with an A-line skirt, like a denim skirt buttoned at the front.
To get a girlier style, go for a flowing midi skirt. It might have a flared or ruffled finish. Pick a bold print and contrast it with your hoodie on the top, a closed design without a zip. Try and get the colour to go with the shades of the skirt. You could opt for chunky trainers or ankle boots with a mid heel for your feet. You’ll get a daring and very explosive mix.
You can also wear your hoodie for outdoor activities because they allow for full mobility and are very warm when temperatures drop. For trips out, to go to the beach or even for a day at the park. And remember, the hood always goes on the outside if you throw a jacket over it. Pick your favourite at Pull&Bear and find your perfect street style. see more See less