Tailored trousers for men

There’s a trend that wants to unseat skinny trousers, and it’s already triumphing: men’s tailored fit trousers. We’re not talking about anything new: this garment already had its heyday and, without ever having really disappeared, it’s back to regain the popularity it deserves.
What we’ve always known as men’s classic smart trousers are back and are becoming the star of not only more formal looks, but also the best street style outfits. It’s time to wear them outside of the office.
Men's tailored fit trousers bring an undeniable elegance that has now been reinvented to embrace new trends. With multiple fabrics, all types of colours and unthinkable prints. You’ll also find differences from the classic model in the width of these new garments: now, wear them fitted, like skinny fit, or wider to have more freedom.
And if men’s smart trousers have been revamped with a modern twist, so has the way of wearing them. Before, the classic outfit followed strict rules. Now, those rules have been relaxed to mix with new market trends.
Don’t hesitate to continue choosing outfits with more classic lines. By combining your men’s tailored fit trousers with a fitted shirt and a knit sweater, you’ll create the perfect outfit for more formal occasions. Want a more casual look? Wear trainers. Remember that trainers are king right now! You can wear them everywhere now without breaking the dress code.
But let’s also talk about the new ways to wear your men’s smart trousers. Be bold with a model with contrast side taping and wear a T-shirt instead of a shirt. Or why not choose jogging-style tailored trousers for greater comfort? On top, pair them with a high neck sweater and a denim jacket with shearling lining. How about some cargo chinos? It seems like a risky mix, right? But if you wear them with the right thing, it will be a winning look. Pair them with a stripe print oversize short sleeve shirt, some white trainers and voila! You’re ready to go.
As you can see, the classics are back this year but they've been updated to fit the latest trends. Don’t miss out on your men’s tailored fit trousers from Pull&Bear and reinvent your wardrobe. see more See less