Cargo trousers for men

Just when we thought that skinny trousers would be king forever, or that a tailored fit would be the trend of the season, in comes the men's cargo trouser to remind us that fashion can surprise us.
As you can probably imagine, this multi-pocket garment comes from the military environment, where it became part of the army uniform. And it still maintains the functionality that can be considered as the key to its success. They're comfortable, resistant and practical trousers with an infinite number of pockets, so you always have everything you need to hand. Maybe that's why men's cargo trousers have survived the comings and goings of the fashion industry and have become a favourite of street style.
The cargo style quickly demonstrated its worth beyond the battlefield and began to be applied to new garments. Thus, it was used in jackets, it made the jump to women’s fashion through dresses and skirts, and don't forget men’s cargo shorts or the legendary gilet that's so hot right now. The favourite colours for this style are, in honour of its origins, khaki green, brown tones, and all types of black.
And how do you know if men’s cargo trousers fit you well? It’s simple: just make sure the waist is fitted and the leg is a bit baggy. That is the secret to their comfort and the freedom of movement they give you.
In general, wear them with trainers.Sometimes you can wear them with shoes or lace-up boots, but careful with the latter... you could go overboard with military style and look like a character from Full Metal Jacket.
You can wear your men’s cargo trousers in both casual looks as well as formal, combining garments to create the best outfit.
For a more comfortable look, we suggest jogging-style cargo trousers, a T-shirt and an open printed shirt. For a Winter outfit, switch out the shirt for a hoodie sweatshirt and a denim or bomber jacket. In both cases we recommend pairing them with trainers and some visible tall socks.
If you want a more formal look without giving up your cargo trousers, take note: choose a somewhat more tailored version in beige, a pale blue shirt and a dark blazer. This is one of those times where you can forget the trainers and wear brown boots. You’ll stand out!
As you can see, the cargo style is for everyone... and for you, too! Find your favourite, always at Pull&Bear. see more See less