Men’s wallets

When buying a man’s wallet, we know what we want, and we know the things that we certainly do not want. Let’s start from the beginning. The perfect wallet has to satisfy a couple of basic requirements.
First of all, it needs to be functional. In other words, you have to be able to carry everything you need in it: credit cards, driver's license, bank notes, the odd receipt and coins. We wouldn’t necessarily carry coins around all the time, but it's good to keep in mind.
The next requirement is that it needs to be practical. How? Easy. It needs to fit snuggly in your trouser pocket, without giving you an unsightly bulge. So by practical, we mean small, slim and manageable. No one ever wants to leave the house feeling like they're carrying a brick in their pocket.
Also, if you don’t like wallets in more understated, classic colours, Pull&Bear has wallets which are modern and playful, with printed patterns, contrasting colours, cutwork, a blend of different materials, and with designs that are different to what we're used to.
Once that list of essential requirements for your perfect man's wallet is ticked off, all that's left to say is: you’re in luck! Because in the Pull&Bear collection you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. We have options for all sorts of men, from the most daring, to the most classic amongst us. But one thing’s for sure, they couldn’t be further from monotonous.
Our men's wallets are made using resistant materials, they have the exact compartments for carrying everything you need, taking up the right amount of space, and with the most up-to-date designs. With a Pull&Bear wallet, you’ll always be on trend. If your father's wallet didn’t leave any room for imagination, there will be no room for boredom with yours.
There isn’t just a wide selection of men's wallets, there are also card holders, which are compact and practical, for those who like to leave the house feeling as lightweight as possible, If you’re someone who prefers a coin purse, we have sporty options, coin purses with zips, or elegant styles with poppers. You’ll love the faux leather finish of our men’s wallets, the textured styles, the feel of the faux suede and the soft touch materials.
With the options we have available in our collection, it won’t matter if you have on jogging trousers or a pair of super skinny jeans, you’ll never feel uncomfortable with a Pull&Bear man’s wallet in your pocket. see more See less